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Welcome Potatoes!

Hello everyone I am Persa and I’m more than happy to welcome you to “The Smashed Potato”!

Who is The Smashed Potato?

It is me, Persa, a greek self-taught foodie with a pinch of a marketer and for sure a “potato lover”! Recently I’ve discovered the vegetarian world and since then I try to change not only my eating habits but my whole lifestyle.

I enjoy traveling, cook, and learn brand new things that make me better every day.

The last two years were a life-changer for me and my partner, we left Athens, our family, and friends, and moved to Lausanne. A new home, everyday life, friends, city, and a whole new country to explore and discover! So, these following months were full of joy, laughter, excitement, stress, and pressure. It was the right time for us to make our future plans, explore new ideas, fields, and set our future goals. Luckily, with many road-trips in stunning Switzerland!

What is The Smashed Potato?

The Smashed Potato is my idea for a welcomed friendly community for souls who love cooking, have a passion for creations and discovering new things, and be interested in well-being.

So, if you would like to get to know each other better, share delicious everyday recipes, most of them with a pinch of Greece and Mediterranean flavors, if you want to try new healthy and fancy habits, express your personal thoughts and find out mine and if you desire to explore new experiences then, you are so very welcome to The Smashed Potato community!

Let’s try to live as happy and free as we can and be everything we want to be! Let’s smash it! Let’s be Potatoes!

Crispy. Fluffy. Creamy. Smash It. Be everything you wanna be.

Once more,

Welcome Potatoes!

Good wishes,

Persa ♥

*Feel free and check the recipe index here, if you would like to!

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